Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bibi Rena Kaur

March 21, 1987 was Bibi Rena Kaurs' Birthday.
For those of you who have no clue as to who she was, here's a brief bio
I've heard a bit about her. I have listened to a lot of her Kirtan audios. I haven't ever seen her/ met with her or known her personally. In fact, I guess I wasn't even living in Canada when she passed away, so there's no question.... but there's some connection, there's something that ties me to her.... I am really unsure how to document this, but there is something...
It seems to me that, most if not all the members of the Sangat in Vancouver seem to have been connected to Sikhi through the lives of Bibi Rena Kaur, Bhai Charanjeet Singh and Bhai Parminder Singh Ji. I guess, I stepped into this path because of people who came on board because they were tremendously inspired by there three great souls.
I feel the connection to her because of that... I am so grateful to Guru jee and Akaal Purakh Waheguru for Kaurs United and the sevadaars and sangat at Guru Nanak Academy, both of which came into existance because of the inspiring lives of these Gursikhs.

I feel the connection now, more than ever before because I feel Kaurs United is almost as if my family, which actually came into existence in her memory, because there were revolutionaries who were true to the panth and thought:
I don't believe time heals separation or makes you miss people less. I do believe separation can be transformed into action & changing the world in your own way ." (-unauthorized stealing of this quote from a special friend, from the KU fraternity- I guess she might not like if I share her name, but I guess she wouldn't be too  mad about the unauthorized stealing part LOL)

Today, I am going to read her bio and get inspired... I am going to make a commitment, to stay strong and inspired and always walk on this path till the end of my life and beyond..............

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