Kirtan and Gurbani

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa,
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

My first exposure to Kirtan, was the night I decided I had to walk towards Sikhi, or at least taste this 'new course' as an elective in my Theology research so to say! I always 'knew of' Sikhism, it was just a matter of getting to explore it, know it in a deeper level...  I was always Spiritual, my Mom still brings this up with my friends sometimes (& I grin b/c I feel weired when people discuss anything about me, or I don't know what to do at the time of!) that when I was in a Catholic School, I started to wear a cross and wanted to become a nun, when I was exposed to Hinduism by a friend, I was totally in for that, and then I recited Islamic 'Kalmey' when I became friends with my present (& forever) best buddy! I was hooked to Buddhism for long, before I came in Sikhi. Well, call me feeble minded if you will, but I was never able to commit to any of these faiths! All I did was drool upon this Image of such a Perfect, super-sweetheart God, who would, send His Son in the earth to grant forgiveness for all the sins we'd ever commit by Sacrificing His life on the cross; or to the God who'd forever illuminate our paths if we'd hold on to the Prophet. I found them Interesting and enlightening, I did not 'dare' to go further than tasting their flavor, like I did with sooo many extra courses I took in my Academic Career, just to see if that field worked for me or not. Well, Who really cares, I still believe its all the same, I was driven towards a God, the same God that I now 'love' or try to thereof, as a Sikh.
So, about that night, thanks to my Brother, who invited me to the kirtan night, that today, I am who I am... I don't claim to be a super perfect Sikh, In fact I personally don't even call myself a Sikh or a Khalsa, b/c I am for sure really far from any of that as of right now. But thanks to Kirtan, and the bliss I experienced in that moment, that I stepped into this path and found that I always belonged here...
Guru Nanak Dev Ji's House was where I had stepped in and just could not walk out there after, in fact even now, the thought of stepping back traumatizes me.... I'd rather be dead, I'd rather be burnt alive than to show my back to this miraculously awesome abode. I know this statement is such a huge thing to say, but realistically, I'll be too shameful to live with my head held high, if I ever leave Sikhi, I will, and I know it, I will feel like a loser, a failure, who's good for nothing. I cannot leave the best thing that ever happened to me. At least I would pray everyday and hope that Guru jee never brings about a day when I step out of the Gurus home...
But then came the challenge, I stepped in, I took the commitment, faced the world that opposed me, but could not face myself after making a 'not so sincere, heartfelt' promise.  In my head, I had taken Amrit, I had made up my mind... but really, You never take Amrit, You are blessed with it, You receive Amrit... There it was, for a brief period of time, I became an AmritDhari, but non-practicing Sikh, mostly b/c of laziness, but I had the faith in Guru Jee, but I wasn't making an effort to getting any closer to Him. That is when the other important thing dawned upon me and that was Gurbani, Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaaj- Sri Aad Darbar, Sri Dasam Darbaar and Sri Sarabhloh Darbar, blessed me with being able to read some, teeny tiny amount of Bani, that keeps Sikhi Going in my heart... I try to get closer to Guru Charan everyday, but you know I have my ups and downs. Sometimes I fail miserably, I even hurt myself, but there it is.......
So what was my point... the whole this this Write-up is meant to tell you is that my journey started with Kirtan, and is alive due to Gurbani, whether it is read, listened to, or meditated on via Hukamnamahs, etc. I hope that this write up is enough to advocate to those whom it may concern, that Kirtan melts one's heart and makes it ready to receive, and Gurbani is the Holy feet of the Guru that we must cling onto, if we want to live in the bliss of Kirtan.....
I believe that Kirtan ignites our souls, fills it with this unexplainable warmth that lights up our entire World.

I have the two Playlists (Thanks to Sikhnet!) here on this page, of some of my favorite meditative Kirtan and Gurbani recitation (GGSJ, SDGSJ, etc.) that you might wanna enjoy! I'll keep updating this, if I find some more super awesome Kirtan or Gurbani Recitation audios.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

        Meditative Kirtan                                                        Gurbani (SGGSJ, SDGSJ) 















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I apologize for any inconvenience. Thank You for your interest and acceptance of me. Thanks for bestowing me with the honor to be able serve your beautiful, divine soul, with whatever little I have and can share!