Friday, April 13, 2012


Was called in to a random strangers akhand path, for doing a raul by a Kirtan teacher i know personally.
On my way, I suddenly became more and more aware of the fact that this household/ person, etc. are complete strangers... I wanted to not show up... but couldn't go back on my word...
Suddenly got so scared as I found the address right in front of me...

Then, I walked in and saw Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaaj! All of a sudden, a strangers house felt like my sat(i)gurus nivaas. Within a matter of split seconds, all my worry & discomfort of being at a strangers place was dispelled. In fact when bowing to guru Ji, I laughed at my discomfort, worry & knew that it was pointless.

Ofcourse I didn't eat at their place LOL.

Dakhanay, Fifth Mehl:
I am so eager to see You, O Lord; what does Your face look like?
I wandered around in such a miserable state, but when I saw You, my mind was comforted and consoled. ||1||


  1. Thought I'd give you a starter...if you reply diligently maybe I'll serve you the main course.

    SGGS, P982,Guru Ramdas
    " Bani Guru, Guru hai Bani, vich Bani Amrit sareh" !

    The written Granth Sahib in itself isn't the Guru, the Guru's Bani within is the True Guru, read the Fourth Guru's statement attentively & get wise.
    The Granth Sahib can be written into a Word document or a Acrobat Reader pdf file or be displayed on the net as a webpage, the file or webpage doesnt become the True Guru does it? How could you 'mattha take' an electronic file or a webpage - you could....but you will need hospitalization in a mental institution soon after, right?

    The Bani is The True Guru, thats Divine Truth, read that and for sure you easily will find The True Guru !

  2. Hmmm..... well, I can't help but anticipate the Main course ;) Hopefully you will be generous enough to serve it hehehe =P

    I agree with you completely. It is the Shabad that we bow to, the wisdom & the knowledge, that serves as our guiding light. I guess though, that mattha tekna to The saroop of Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaaj is in itself, mattha tekna is surrendering humbly, to the knowledge & wisdom of the Shabad Guru.

    Thank you, wise one =)
    Thank you =)

  3. Oke, 1 tiny lesson learnt then, we need another small starter, see if that improves your mood for the main course.

    The 'mattha tek' is an egoistic show of the person's body falling before the Guru's Shabad. Any-One who shows the world that they are falling before the Guru's Shabad, by 'mattha tekking' before the Guru Granth Sahib, can do the same to a Word or Acrobat document. All you have to do is, do the same thing, just bow your head or body to it before reading it.

    The truth of the matter to say is that, we humans like copying others, showing off that we are 'godly, whiter than white' just like one your choice Shabads, 'mentally we are impure and black, outside oh so white'. The answer lies in the mentally....:))

    The body & head keeps relentlessly falling b4 the Guru, but the mind's mentally remains the same. What point in bowing before the Guru, if mentally you are impure and black? :)

    Change your mind The Guru's Shabad with your mind, then you will truly fall b4 the Guru's Shabad. Any other deed done is a false show, a deceitful gimmick, a 2 faced egoistic existence which leads to ruin and death at the end. Glass of juice maybe next....

  4. _/\_ WJKK WJKF Vaheguru Jio <3

    Thank you again for the interesting starter. I love the food you're serving here =) Quite a brain diet.
    I agree with everything you said above. This intrigues me actually... I think I'm gonna say that it's true that if the mind & the heart doesn't surrender, the rest is more or less pointless... & perhaps a petty show sort of a thing...
    hmmm.... but one has to start somewhere, and if you do start at the physical surrender... (like starting to wear the Baana, bowing to the Shabad Guru SatGuru Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaaj, reciting the Baanis & naam (barely) with the tongue, listening to the Guru's Baani with the ears- I would think that thats a good start- upon listening/ bowing/ physically surrendering one can slowly internalize, without that first step how does one come to the state of complete surrender?

    Anyways, this is definitely interesting discussion, but I'm kinda short on time & can't wait for the 'Main course' you've been hiding here LOL
    to be completely honest, i don't particularly love the withheld main course... why make someone anticipate an intriguing point you so badly wanna make? hehe
    Also, you may wanna come off anon, just saying (I'd prefer talking to a person with a name =)

    WJKK WJKF =)

    1.'ve changed the blog background, a change of mood no doubt ! :)

      &Lady....patience is a virtue given to a rare few, make it your purse. A lady will think twice before she parts with the money in it.

      Physical Surrender - The body has been formed by the 5 elements, Air, Water, Fire, Wind and Ether. The mind of the body, wishes, desires, wants, hopes and needs whatever it visualizes in the material existence. Whatever the body performs as deeds or actions, can be classified as good or bad deeds. All these good and bad deeds performed are powered by the 5 mighty sins. Greed, Anger, Ego, Emotional Attachment & Lust, which arise from these 5 Elements. This is the key to all true divine knowledge and understanding.

      Both good and bad deeds are therefore Sin, which make up our Karma, and Karma decides what your next birth & death will be, in which of the 8.4million species will your soul be reincarnated. Dharam Raj delivers this justice to all the souls that die here as time goes by.

      Our first Guru, Nanak, makes this assertion in Japji Sahib "karmi apo apni, ke neray ke duur" !

      Meaning whatever we choose to do by deeds, using our own mind's desires, wants, needs and wishes, those deeds either take us towards God or further away from Him.

      So, we say, whatever one sows so one reaps. Then whatever we do, using our own mind's thinking, as good or bad deeds, the 5 sins naturally happen. We are caught in an almighty deadly poisonous trap of multiplying sins. This Account of deeds cannot be erased, altered or hidden !

      Logically then, when one then surrender's their mind, rather than their physical self (ie. body) and does deeds which earn "spiritual benefit", then good and bad deeds don't exist. We then do deeds with the mind, that cause us to become true. We curb, restrict, hold back good and bad deeds, and do deeds that take us a step towards God.

      The mind's desires, needs, wants, hopes and wishes when done by the body, will earn you deeds that will earn you repeated birth and death. The mind which surrenders its desires, wants, needs, hopes and wishes, and forces the body to sow deeds which reap spiritual benefit, that human, has taken a step true towards God. All other ways and means are False, which reap Falseness !

      The choice then, is yours, do you wish to continue fighting or do you desire a surrender? :)

      Name: They say, when we are born, sooner or later we get a nickname....dont tell me yours, but feel free to give me a name to use, I will happily take that as mine ! :))

  5. You're right Vaheguru Jio, you're so right =)

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh =)

  6. Yep, looks like you are definitely up for the main course now.. that's for sure ! :)

    Right and wrong are our mind's perception of deeds which are good or bad.

    Take an example: A guy is driving over the speed limit, he needs to get to the hospital, who have informed him that his wife has hours to live. On the way, a cop stops him and fines him $100 and delays him for dangerous driving. After listening to his story, the cop decides to accompany him to hospital, see if he's telling lies or truth, and clear the road for him to avoid any accident. They both get to hospital too late, the wife dies.

    Who or what be good and bad? The deeds of the cop were per the Law, whereas the deeds of the guy were contrary to the Law, and he lost his wife.

    Right and wrong, good and bad can be analyzed, determined by facts, forensics or witnesses.

    Divine knowledge or wisdom, cannot be described as good or bad, right or wrong, its either True or False.

    When one gives up mind's desires, needs, wants, wishes and hopes, then good and bad, right and wrong don't exist. The mind is then free to pursue Truth and auto all Lies come into vision.

    In life then, one should seek the Truth, not lies, good, bad, right or wrong. This is the true essence of all divine teaching, in any religion.

    I direct you then to your blogs mission or purpose. How to get to The Guru's Feet? What are they? Where can one find them?

    The answer is as simple as having a main course meal, The Guru's Feet are Gurbani !

    The hundreds of divine shabads of the SGGS, are the gracious Feet of The Guru. The mind that falls at The Guru's Feet finds Divine Truth.

    The body that keeps falling before The Guru can never ever find the Feet, they find only good and bad, right or wrong.

    I'll finish where I started:

    SGGS, P982,Guru Ramdas
    " Bani Guru, Guru hai Bani, vich Bani Amrit sareh" !

    Enjoy your main course, the 'afters' you get when one makes the effort to first eat the main course and try finish it.

    Post your email, I will message you in time, tell you about me. Some fine day you might make the effort to meet me, that would certainly make :))))))

  7. Vaheguru Jio<3
    This was really amazing =) Thank you

    [Gurbaani is the manifestation of The Guru , their Light & their Charan Kamal, but I feel that knowing this is not the same as practicing/ living it... (& thats where i am) And one certainly needs The Guru's Kirpa to get anywhere in terms of Gurmat/ gursikhi =) ]

    Thank you

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
    Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

    Ps. email is in my about me page =)

  8. Ahhh that you have the main course in front of you, Guru Nanak comes to mind in Japji "karmi apo apni ke neray ke duur".

    Then add this by Guru Amardas, SGGS, P1129:
    "karmu hovay, Guru kirpa kare" !

    Its all about the Deeds we choose to do, with our own mind's free will....that take us near or far.

    So, ends my stay at your blog, a traveler of the world, stays not at any place. I cant put the food served, into your mouth, nor can I bring you Grace (kirpa), that can only be done by The Guru.

    Enjoy the rest of your life....will email in Time. :)))