Sunday, February 27, 2011

25 hours of Silence

 I am a total chatterbox... If you wanna see someone who socializes ALL the time and talks all the time- you must come straight to me! Really, no jokes there... but here's the deal, I've always found that I waste my energy talking- I feel that chatting abd blabbing all the time really takes away from your Spirituality. Yet I am Guilty, of doing just that...
Silence, has always been a sign of Spiritual Wisdom, stability & Power traditionally. Every morning, when I read through the following lines from Sri Anand Sahib, I feel a need to limit the use of my tongue to only reciting Gurbani with it...
 ay rasnaa too an ras raach rahee tayree pi-aas na jaa-ay.
O my tongue, you are engrossed in other tastes, but your thirsty desire is not quenched.
 pi-aas na jaa-ay horat kitai jichar har ras palai na paa-ay.
Your thirst shall not be quenched by any means, until you attain the subtle essence of the Lord.
 har ras paa-ay palai pee-ai har ras bahurh na tarisnaa laagai aa-ay.
If you do obtain the subtle essence of the Lord, and drink in this essence of the Lord, you shall not be troubled by desire again.
 ayhu har ras karmee paa-ee-ai satgur milai jis aa-ay.
This subtle essence of the Lord is obtained by good karma, when one comes to meet with the True Guru.
 kahai naanak hor an ras sabh veesray jaa har vasai man aa-ay. ||32||
Says Nanak, all other tastes and essences are forgotten, when the Lord comes to dwell within the mind. ||32||
Now Reading through the translation one might think that Guru Jee is talking about 'tastes' that the an individual is driven after, by his/her tongue. But Guru jee often says things that could have multiple meanings...To me, my tongue is pretty good when it comes to driving me crazy over food, well, I mean I have not been tempted to eat Meat, eggs or any intoxicants for really long now (Waheguru!) but the thirst of my tongue that is not quenches is Blabbing for no real reason, and not realizing when doing so!
I've always found (remember my story from the retreat, where I came across a Kaur who made me realize how powerful Silence is...?) silence very powerful, almost a part of Spirituality...
To me, Silence helps you focus on listening, receiving and turning inwards, to your the part of you that has the Light of God...Hence Silence helps you seek the Light of God... I've experienced Silence before, but never to this level, fighting the desire to speak and turning inwards, to listen to the subtle Transcendence is a pure blessing- and I will challenge myself to it!!! And this challenge is not just for me to seek my Spiritual energy, but also help raise awareness & money for the thousands of children in central Africa who have been abducted by Joseph Kony and his rebel army. The money I raise will fund The Invisible Children Protection Plan -- a strategy to protect innocent people from the brutal violence of the LRA.

I will be participating in Invisible Children's national awareness event called 25, on April 25th. Thousands around the world will be silent, using our voices (by not using them) to speak out against this 25-year-long war.

Please donate and tell others about my page any way you can: Facebook, Twitter... or even word of mouth (you remember what that is, right? Phone calls. Knocking on doors. Whatever you've gotta do.)

And join me on April 25th, wherever you are, in staying silent for 25 hours. Together, we will put an end to 25 years of war. Sign up at

Love and Light
Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!


  1. WJKK, WJKF! I recommend Jane Bussman's book "The Worst Date Ever - or how it took a comedy writer to expose Africa's secret war" on the subject! Sat Nam.

  2. Thank You Saranpreet! The book sounds so interesting, I will surely give it a read soon.
    Thank You for letting me know...
    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

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